SwissCDC Multibrush

SwissCDC Multibrush

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To continue our multi- Tying Tool series, Christian Kuchelmeister has developed a brush that is in design and functionality of other brushes by far ahead.

Our multibrush brush is with 27gramm weight like a pen super precise in the hand of the fly tyer.

A very sensitive and precise brushing of flies is possible with the front brush, made of stainless steel. The advantage of the hard, yet fine front brush is already equal to the usual handling as when writing with a pen.  It is possible with this tool to brush out even small parts of a fly very precisely. The small round stainless steel brush is predestined for fine work with CDC and hair dubbing.

To the back a coarse serrated brush is attached , which can be used to remove the undercoat of trapped hairs in the clamp. The serrated brush is also great for working on voluminous streamers.

With the small V-shaped cutout at the rear end, feathers for salmon or front hackles for streamers" can be "doubled" with ease.

The pointed spout at the end can be used to do all sorts of jobs that come up at the tying table.

A universal brush in a heavy indestructible quality.

With its replaceable front brush available with an optional replacement kit, this tool is not a throwaway product after years of use.

The brush is provided with a consecutive number in production and is therefore unique.