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Toccoa River Floats


The Toccoa River starts as a small stream high in the mountains of Union County near the town of Suches GA.  As the river winds through the wilderness of the National Forest it gains size as it flows North to South and is fed by Coopers Creek, Rock Creek and Noontootla Creek before dumping into Lake Blue Ridge. From Lake Blue Ridge it continues flowing North to Tennessee where the name changes to the Ocoee River. The Toccoa is the longest cold water river in North Georgia supporting trout of various species throughout its watershed.

The Upper Toccoa flows through sections of National Forest and Private property.  We have access to roughly 18 miles of water to float and wade on the Upper Toccoa, permitted through the USDA to access some of the most pristine trout waters in North Georgia.  The beauty alone is worth the float as you float through miles of National Forest and untouched wilderness. The Upper Toccoa is a headwater stream meaning that it is not dam controlled where the water is controlled solely by rainfall.  The river will rise and enter flood stage a few times a year due to massive rainfalls, but this is not a common occurrence.  The Toccoa starts near Suches GA not far from our location and flows North to Lake Blue Ridge.  Through these waters you may encounter Bald Eagles and Deer while chasing Rainbow, Brown and an occasional Brook Trout. Other species found are bass and catfish that have been caught on the float. The Upper Toccoa Floats are generally best from November through Early Summer depending on water level.  Starting in November the Delayed Harvest section of the Upper Toccoa opens up with special regulations and large stockings take place making it a very enjoyable float. 

**Upper Toccoa Trips can be customizable to include some private water or National Forest time on the water within the same day.

The Lower Toccoa is actually on the North End of Lake Blue Ridge controlled by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).  The flows on this section vary from low to high depending on the need for more or less power which is generated through the Dam when water is released.  There is a good mix of stocked rainbow and wild browns with the occasional stocked brook trout found here. This section of the Toccoa River is a year round fishery due to the cold water being pulled from the bottom of Lake Blue Ridge, making it a very unique fishery in the south.  The Lower Toccoa is fed not only by Lake Blue Ridge, but also by Hemptown Creek and Hothouse Creek.  There are 3 Public access sections with limited wading available so a float is the way to go. If you want access to miles of creeks to wade we offer National Forest Trips to escape the crowds and get away from the other guide services that wade the tailwater.

**Please note we provide proper wearable Coast Guard Approved Life Vests and throwables on all our trips.  Children 13 and under are required to have on a life vest on all float trips. 


Upper and Lower Toccoa Rates:


Full Day

1 or 2 Anglers $475

Half Day

1 or 2 Anglers $375

Group Rates

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