Smhaen Material Guard
Smhaen Material Guard

Smhaen Material Guard

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The SMHAEN Material Guard is designed to give the fly tier a kind of third hand in the fly tying proces, which means it is a helping tool to keep the fly tying materials away from the work area. Very often the fly tier is using some stiff, light and fluffy materials, these materials are often pointing into the work area, and it can therefore sometimes be problematic for some fly tiers to keep it away from that area. This means that one of the hands is blocked by holding the fly tying materials in place. This is here SMHAEN Material guard comes in. Thanks to its unique design, it can be passed over the fly even though the tying thread is still on the fly. In the same way, it is very easy to remove it again, as it is simply pulled backwards away from the fly. When varnishing the head of a fly, the material guard can be really good, as you very often need both hands free. This tool gives the fly tyers new possibilities in their fly tying.

It just feels something special when you tie your flies with a quality tool, it gives so much greater joy and make the fly tying a much greater experience and pleasure. We think!





- Modern design

- Ergonomic look

- Easy to place over the materiels

- Easy to remove away from materials.

- Perfect balanced weight

The material guard is in one size. it fitts perfect for both large- and small flies.



  • Weight. 2 gram.
  • Lenght. 4,2 cm.
  • Made in spring steel.
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