Blue Line, Back Country Trips for Brook Trout


Back Country Blue Line Trips for Brook Trout

These trips take us way back in the National Forest in search of the elusive Brook Trout.  Georgia's only Native Trout Species.   Imagine wearing neutral colors stalking upstream as you zig zag through the creek side Mountain Laurels and blooming Rhododendron  while maintaining stealth.   We pitch as small dry flies upstream looking for an explosion of energy from the waters depths.  That is what these trips are all about. A Blue Line Brook Trout Trip involves more hiking and a further drive then the typical wild trout trips we provide.  We can combine these trips with an easier wild water for the chance of an Appalachian Wild Trout Slam or some of our local private waters for a fun filled day!


Full Day

$475 1 or 2 Anglers

Half Day

$375 1 or 2 Anglers

***Prices include Transportation from a meet up location, drinks, snacks and all gear needed.  A sack lunch is provided on Full Day Trips unless previously discussed.