Toccoa River Report 12/23-12/27


Upper Toccoa River Report

With heavy rains leading up to Christmas, the Upper Toccoa has been running high, but cold and clear.  The fish are still eating, but the swift current has added some difficulty when fishing. We adapted by using a combination of tungsten weighted flies along with a few pieces of lead  to get us down into the strike zone. The trout tend to hold deeper during the winter and feed more slowly. Therefore, it’s imperative to get your flies down to the bottom as quickly as possible.  

While in the river we have found a nice abundance of mayfly clingers and smaller black stoneflies.  (Check the Hatch Chart For More Details).  We have also had some success with Mop Flies and Egg Patterns when fished deep and slow.  Don’t get stuck on a single fly. What works in the morning, may not work in the afternoon. What worked yesterday, may not work today.

Today will probably be the the last trip for a few days on the Upper Toccoa.  With 2 inches of rain forecasted, it will blow out the river and force us to fish smaller water and feeder creeks. If you are venturing out later this week, remember your weight and darker flies so the trout can see them in the dirty water!